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 Application: Karrona Fawnhaven

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PostSubject: Application: Karrona Fawnhaven   Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:26 am

Full name: Karrona Fawnhaven
Affiliation: Aessina
Hometown: Silverwind in Ashenvale

Class: Balance Druid
Secondary specialization: Restoration
Professions: Skinner/Leatherworker

Age: Young, a couple hundred years
Gender: Female
Hair: Green
Eyes: Blue/silver
Personality: Mostly coy, but when confident can be quite forthcoming. When angry or offended she can be quite abrasive. Modest about her achievements and gracious to others. Could be described as an impressionable youth.

Backstory: Karrona Fawnhaven was born to a family in southern Ashenvale. Most of her relatives were hunters and craftsmen, and she learned her trades from them. Being slightly more spiritual then her brethren she became attracted to the dryads of Aessina, who induced her into the druidic ways. Shortly after the Third War she was called to Teldrassil and then sent to Auberdine to engage in druid training, which would eventually send her on an ordeal to Human lands in the Eastern Kingdoms. Possibly due to her extreme youth the whirlwind of events, people, cultures and environments she encountered resulted in her becoming sidetracked. The Cataclysm shook her and made her regain her senses. She only recently returned to Kalimdor where she is distraught by the destruction visited on the places and people of her early life. She feels like a deserter from her duty to protect her forest and her people and thus in need of atonement.

In the course of her travels she has become strangely fond of dwarves, attracted by their natural affinity to stone which she finds not unlike the elves' affinity to the forest. To her taste, humans fail to blend with either, causing violence to both as they build their civilization. She also finds the Steamwheedle goblins intensely amusing, though most others seem just vile.

Why joining the Wardens of Malorne:
OOC: I played this character on another server for nearly a year, where I enjoyed good times in a casual guild with some roleplaying (mostly weekly guild meetings IC). Then after a longish hiatus I started playing again with my girlfriend so we made two starting characters (now my main). Given that the old guild had been disbanded in the meantime I decided to make the new characters on an RP server and move the old ones. I am currently in another mature guild I joined with my new main character. The guild is paladin-themed and not particularly appropriate for Karrona IC, though they are not hardcore about RP. I also don't have the level to join in the raiding so I give nor take much from the guild with Karrona. Recently I joined the server's [Roleplay] chat channel and after a long wait I found out about my first RP event. This turned out to be a Moonrise event full of night elves and druids so I was spurred to reactivate this character to get a bit of roleplaying, which I see too little of even though this is nominally an RP server. I enquired about appropriate guilds and was directed to the Wardens. I had a rather lengthy IC introduction with Lysistratae and Naurion.
IC: After a long time (not in absolute terms, but in terms of life-experience) in the Eastern Kingdoms and away from Elven culture, Karrona only recently ventured back to Northern Kalimdor to reconnect with her roots. The destruction of so many places she held dear by the combination of the Horde and the Cataclysm has led her to feel guilt for being away and unavailable for defense, and therefore in need of atonement.
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Application: Karrona Fawnhaven
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