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 Shadows from the Past plotline

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PostSubject: Shadows from the Past plotline   Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:50 am

I had an idea about a multi-guild plotline, and suggested it on the Handmaidens' forum. I'm putting it up here as well.

Quote :
I've been reading up on Antus' work with the Legends of the Elements. It sounds really ambitious and interesting. I know that QBB does stuff like this now and then, but mostly in-guild if I'm right.

I also know that Antus himself is none too popular with everybody, but the scope of this idea is still interesting, I think.

Do you think that it would be possible to do something on a similar scale on Aliance side, by the help of TGU? To set up a basic idea of a plotline, with guidelines that allow participating guilds and unguilded individuals to play along and do stuff on their own that still advances the general plot?

The Legends of the Elements line seems to be made up in episodes, more or less, and I suppose that would be the way to go, having a definite goal to work towards within a more or less set timeframe (a month or two for each chapter, perhaps). Preferrably ending spectacularly, maybe even working a dungeon or two into the mix.

Since the "Found mystic tome, make magic objects" idea is already taken, we could do something like "Prevent bad guys from making / breaking magic item", "Recover stolen artifact" or "Follow trail of clues to shut down evil organisation", for example.

Just now, I got ae starter scene in mind:

A group of dwarves (Mithril guard perhaps) on a mission from the League of Explorers are conducting an archaeological dig in Desolace, in th ruined nelf temple to the northeast (the one with the Handmaiden of Elune). They find an artifact clearly not of nelf origin, carefully buried and warded. They go all 0_o

They can't make sense of it, so they bring it to Kharnum's Glade in the Cenarion Wildlands... where a nelf from one of the nelf guilds just happens to be hanging out. They happen to be a bit of an archaeology buff, and is able to direct the dorfs to the library of Darnassus... where one or more nelf scholars are waiting.

The object turns out to have been buried not to protect it, but rather to protect the world from it...

At any point during this intro it could be possible to inject a bit of action by having somebody attack the participants (maybe a couple of hordies, to confuse things)

The nelfs keep the object for a bit to examine it, after which it is released to Ironforge for further study by the Explorers. At some point, either in Darnassus, in Ironforge or in transit, it is stolen. At roughly the same time, scholars discover what it might be: an object connected to the Old Gods.

It needs to be retrieved and disabled or destroyed before Bad Shit happens.

That's about as far as I've got for now, but there would be opportunity for adventure in a couple of directions from here: Finding out who took it, and where. Getting it back. Finding out how to destroy it. Actually doing the destroying, under vigorous opposition from whoever wants it.

There could actually be several factions interested in getting their paws on that thing. Twilight cultists being obvious, the question is how to represent them. Maybe there are guilds on Alliance side who would be interested in doing that? There is probably at least one or two other organizations on Alliance side who wants to have a closer look on the Thing, and certainly a few hordies as well.

I see several opportunities for RP both cross-guild, in-guild and between individuals. Even such a thing as a group of explorers meeting in Ironforge, then travelling by tram to Stormwind to peek at a book in the Royal library, for instance. Lots of nerd-talk about ancient tomes ;-)

OK; a rough idea (I still don't know WHAT the Thing is yet, for example), but maybe we could work on it together with the TGU and hammer some basic plotline out.

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Shadows from the Past plotline
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