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 Meraniq of Wardes of Malorne

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PostSubject: Meraniq of Wardes of Malorne   Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:55 pm

Edit: Revisited various mistakes.

Meraniq, member of the Circle of Wardens of Malorne

Meraniq is a hard one to determine. Mainly because he just doesnt talk that much and joins into the conversation only when he is directly confronted.
His looks are hard to see through as most of the time he wears a pair of gloves to keep his hands well protected during his travels on back of a saber or fending off various sorts of creatures. He also wears a hat which is, at all times, tightly fit onto his head. Often he is seen as he fiddles with it, trying to achieve more appealing look than a rough-traveled one.

He carries various sorts of items - his staff which's frame is a simple metal pole, quite light and cold on touch, with an embedded polished and precisely cut gem on its top.
When times are dire, he draws out a long leather pouch hidden under his cloak. The sword is thin, elegant and quite well crafted, with a tiny Kaldorei mark located at its handle, possibly blacksmith's signature.

He is often seen playing with a certain Saber figurine.

His robes and clothes are mostly fresh and of a new look, with minimal signs of tear and wear. Most of the time he wears robes of green shades to accompany with the tabard of the Circle. There also have been few sightings of him in richly decorated blue robes, giving him a look of a wind or deep blue sea.

And his story.. well.. You just have to find out for Yourselves!
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Meraniq of Wardes of Malorne
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