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 Secrets of the Kaldorei (24th Oct)

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PostSubject: Secrets of the Kaldorei (24th Oct)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:36 pm

Repost from Fanguarn:

In Character Advertisement:

Darnassus. Built atop the Crown of the Earth, the house of many night elves. A well known capital. But how much do you know about it actually? Join this Hunt organized by the Ebon Flame, an ancient elven order, to challenge your wits and knowledge. The winners are rewarded generously, but more importantly everyone who joins will be awarded with invaluable knowledge concerning the capital of Kaldorei. All members of the Alliance are welcome on the ships that will set sail from the Ebon Keep in Darkshore, to this fascinating adventure.


Secrets of the Kaldorei, organized by Ebon Flame of Moonglade(EU) is a treasure hunt – like event, combined with some lore knowledge and in game mechanics, which all sums up to a contest involving lots of riddles, questions, and puzzles. And of course, at the end, a reward. On the eve of the old world changes, it is an appropriate time to pay our tribute to the old elven city, and find out all the interesting details that the developpers integrated into it very immersively. Interested? Details are below.


The event will be held on 24th of October,Sunday. Starting at 20:30 and ending towards 22:00 server time(The end time might change – give or take 30 mins - due to performances of attending groups). The starting point is Auberdine Inn in Darkshore, though it mainly takes place in Darnassus, and Teldrassil.


To give more details: This is basically a treasure hunt. There are riddlers spread all around Darnassus and Teldrassil, and the participant teams will try to find them and proceed through the challenges they present to gather keywords while solving the mistery of a number to answer a final question which will reveal them the secrets and the treasures of Darnassus. Yes, much to do indeed. Let’s spell it out a bit.

The teams will get a number at the start. The purpose and the meaning of the number is unknown. Then they will get directions, refering to locations in Darnassus. At each location, there will be a riddler waiting for them. They will try to answer the riddle there, and get a keyword should they succeed. Once they visit all the riddlers (thus gathered all keywords) they will be asked a final question, which will require them to use the clues they gathered in order to answer correctly. Once they answer it correctly, they will complete the hunt. The first team to complete the hunt will get a reward.


Yes, reward. The team who first manages to answer the final question will be rewarded a sum of (TBA still Razz) gold coins! The reward will be shared among the team members. Also, we would like to remind you that it’s all about the fun! We swear. But in order to have fun, there must be some rules. (Said the school principle.)


-The event is a roleplaying event. The riddles, their answers, the people and the places are all immersive and a part of the Warcraft setting, we kindly ask the participants, for a more entertaining experience, to act in-character while progressing through the hunt.
-Participants must obey all rules of roleplaying realms (no OOC in /s). Party chat can be used for OOC chatter, but IC is strongly encouraged.
-You can form your own team and apply like that if you wish. 3-5 members per team is allowed (subject to change). You might be asked to team up with 1-2 additional individual participants if you have free space.
- If you apply individually we will place you in a suitable team. Don’t worry about doing this, most of the participants will join this way.
-You are allowed to also name your team as long as it fits the naming policies for roleplaying realms. Random teams will decide upon a name on the day of the event.
-The participants are asked not to talk to members of other teams.
-Using mounts when travelling inside the city borders is prohibited. We won’t send observers with you but we have almost the entire city ground covered with our staff. The particpants (not their entire team) who use mounts will be disqualified from the contest.
-The riddles and puzzles are all hand-made by members of the Ebon Flame, thus Google-proof. We kindly ask the participants to not even try googling the answer. None of the challenges are too difficult and the precious time is better spent trying to solve them rather to browse search results.


Interested in joining? Great. Simply reply to the thread on official Moonglade(EU) forums. Or send Fanguarn an in-game mail. Keep in mind that if you wish to join as a team we would like a complete list of the members. If you have further questions about any aspect of the event, you can contact Fanguarn via in-game mail or whisper.

On behalf of all the Knights of the Ebon Flame, looking forward to see you there.

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PostSubject: Re: Secrets of the Kaldorei (24th Oct)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:27 pm

OK, this sounds AWESOME.

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Secrets of the Kaldorei (24th Oct)
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