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 Kallar Moonbreeze

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Kallar Moonbreeze
Kallar Moonbreeze

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PostSubject: Kallar Moonbreeze   Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:26 pm

Kallar Moonbreeze - named for the stars above.

Kallar is a druid, with a special gift for healing. She will sometimes shift into her bear form to roam around the forests of Ashenvale but prefers to stay in her humanoid form. She learned the skill of tailoring from her mother and continues to sew robes and other garments for friends and to sell at the market.

She has seen many cycles of the moon and is about 3,000 years old, although, like others of her race as a legacy of their lost immortality, she looks young. Her hair is pure moonlight white and her eyes are silvery. She is tall and has a confident walk, often choosing to reflect that confidence by wearing bright colours when she is not 'working' in the forests.

She enjoys spending time with other Kal'dorei, but is equally well at home in Darnassus or Astranaar as in the forests, although she dislikes non-Kal'dorei settlements and is uncomfortable among large groups of humans, dwarves, gnomes or draenei.

Despite her age, Kallar has remained well shielded from the nastier side of life, choosing to keep the balance of life in the forests and towns at home rather than venture onto the battlefield. As a result she can be easily shocked by tales from the battlefield, not because she is a coward, or because she is squeamish - her life in the forest has exposed her to the sight of many violent and vicious deaths - but because she still has trouble believing that people will willingly choose to harm or maim others in the name of peace.

Kallar is determined and once she makes up her mind to do something she will ensure it gets done, even if it takes a while to do it.
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Kallar Moonbreeze
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