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 Lady Aluunai Shinai.

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PostSubject: Lady Aluunai Shinai.   Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:06 pm

(( Cant apply in the recruitment application thread, so i post it here. Can be moved, or after accepted stay here Smile ))

Full Name: Lady Aluunai Shinai,
In-Game: Aluunai

Guild: Unknown.
Affiliation: Nature, her pets, and the ones who aided her.
Title: Lady / Shan’do.
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Rogue.
Professions: Nothing what would inflict nature should be sold.

Age: Unknown.
Sex: Female
Hair: Ice white, either tugged in a ponytail or lose.
Eyes: Silver
Weight: Light as a feather.
Height: Smaller then her average sisters, can look eye to eye with a mature Human.
Garments/Armour: Leather, but in the occasion in a dress.
Other: Deaf, wears hearing aids. Learned to speak from a friendly Dreanei after she escaped her captivity. Carries primal aspects, and they’ll show each day and can’t be controlled by herself.

Alignment: Choatic neutral/evil.

Personality: Stern, cold, but also calm if she sees a person can be trusted. Quiet the mix of everything, but it all depends on the situation she is facing.

Family: None, or unknown. She usually will never speak about them, and when mentioned will keep silent.
Hometown: Everywhere. As a ranger she is out much.

Backstory: Aluunai was never actknowledged from birth, she was deaf and the sweet person around her family. No one excepted it, and she became the outcast, locked away and used for the fun of her family. She faced the brutal torture and the lust for fighting from her family, she engaged in all, and left her badly bruised and scarred. Her primal sences developed and those will explain her odd movements from time to time. After a long period she escaped, leaving her family behind and herself out in the wilderness with nothing then her pets and her will to survive. She have met a few on her path, a group that helped her to hear again. It gave her a little shine in her life and she enjoyed spending all her time in the nature. Exploring and learning from it. Either to live and respect each aspect of it. But the cruelty she experienced before always remains deep inside her, she will always feel it, and after losing her new pack again she lost all her trust in the surrounding and decided to live on her own. She was able to cope pretty well, until her past kicked back in. She lived in the deep forest of Ashenvale, with her extremely developed fighting skills and a corrupt mind she murdered and slayed for survival. She became a sick personality, dangerous and deadly to the bone, she wanted to find help, but none were able to, or dared to help her out.

After a long period she finally came out as she saw the arrival of new races, Dreanei, humans, even the dwarves who landed to explore the fast and deep forests of the Kal’dorei lands. Her curiosity draw her out and she came in contact with a Friendly Dreanei priest, who was willing to help her, willing to calm the corrupted elf. She learned how to speak, she learned the ways of communication in Common and Darnassian. She became a little calm again, and was willing to return to her family, to prove she has become something. At one day she travelled back to the home she hated, she not even would spit on, and faced her father, Karazi Shinai. She bowed down and held down her weapons out of respect for her own father. She begged for a return and a place again within the family, but her father declined and pointed towards the door. “Nature, is your family. We don’t need you here and we will never want you back. You do not carry our blood, only the blood of the fallen you’ve slain”. She looked up, tears in her eyes, the first time she cried was against her father, with his painfull words. The rings in her ears started to shake as she became filled with anger. She lost her believe in the existence of Elune, of anything that could’ve told her to make this stop. Each night she begged towards the moon, each night she asked the exact same question. “Is this real, is this what they want from me?” She stood up, only to return the night and give her the sick revenge of slaying her own family, leaving only her mother to live, and her the title and the head of the family.

The Dreanei that once was at her side, trying to help her, left her to be alone. She lost faith in every single person around her, every stranger became a threat to her in every way. But she wants to seek a cure, something that will return her to her old self again. She looks up towards the big male Kal ‘dorei, silent as she has spoken, her face hidden behind thick leather but her eyes are clear, she needs help to find her peace, help to get forgiveness, but above all. Her life back.

Why Aluunai wishes to join the Wardens:

IC: She needs help, and tried everything possible, but seeks it now along the wardens.
OOC: Nelf guild, I’m one, and there aren’t many around. And I love cookies! *nom nom nom*
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Drázill Silverleaf
Drázill Silverleaf

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Aluunai Shinai.   Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:56 pm

Dear Aluunai

Upon review of your application and subsequent talks with my fellow guild members, I am sorry to say we will not be interviewing you for an membership into the Wardens of Malorne. We feel that this guild may not suit your style of RP and we wish you the very best in your future gaming and possible guild applications.

Yours hopefully,
Drazill Silverleaf, Shan'do of the Wardens of Malorne.
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Lady Aluunai Shinai.
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