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 The Wardens of Malorne - Applications Thread

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Drázill Silverleaf
Drázill Silverleaf

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PostSubject: The Wardens of Malorne - Applications Thread   Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:39 pm

Here I have taken the initiative in writing a little layout template for your applications into our little circle. I by no means intend on restricting what it is you wish to portray with your character, but it does help to keep things tidy Wink

Again, enjoy your roam around the Wardens Den and we hope to see you around!...

The Template:

Full Name: i.e. Drazill Oakenhoof
Affiliation: Who it is your character is loyal too/worships/serves, if anyone.
Hometown: eg. Ashenvale, Teldrassil, Darkshore, Winterspring etc.

Class: Self explanatory really Razz
Professions: See above ^^


Brief History:

and finally...

Why <insert name> wishes to join the Wardens: Both IC and OOCly...

If youre still here at this point....CONGRADULATIONS!...You have earned yourself Warden Kudos!...Wink

Once posted you will hear from us as soon as possible...Smile
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The Wardens of Malorne - Applications Thread
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