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 Receiving the Cataclysm

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Kalandu Thornroot

Kalandu Thornroot

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PostSubject: Receiving the Cataclysm   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:53 pm

I believe the most exciting thing with the next expansion is the irrevocable changes that will affect the world. My suggestion is to create a series of events where the Wardens and those willing to join us experience these places with a good RP-reason while interacting with the story of the locations before they are forever changed.

Inspired by these changes, here are some ideas for places to host RP-events in and the reasons why. They may contain spoilers of the new content so don't read further if you don't want to find out the changes before the expansion is released.

* Ashenvale - With the forests grown wild while the Night Elves have been torn to war, the Wardens need now to explore Ashenvale forest fully again with Great Hunts (kudos to Naurion and Lysistratae for the conceot). This will enable us to root out corruption among the wildlife while honouring the shrines and ruins of old. Since Ashenvale is large, we can perform several Hunts over a few weeks exploring each section of Ashenvale piece by piece.
* Azshara - Goblins have been reported in the lands of the old capital and we need to investigate further what their intentions are with the cursed lands of the Highborne.
* The Barrens - The druid Naralex sleeps deep in a cavern in the Barrens and his will may cause the lands to flourish with wildlife.
* Darkshore - Auberdine is in danger, the elders of the town have felt an impending doom and the Wardens come to the aid of their brothers.
* Darnassus - Something with a dark past is stirring in Darnassus that will change the capital forever. Fandral Staghelm says not to bother, which of course confirms something is amiss. Wink (Worgens are moving in and not everyone may like it)
* Desolace/Feralas - An old apocalyptic prophecy is told by the Centaurs that the end of an era is about to come. With it, an old deity of theirs will appear, shattering the earth and destroying everything to allow new life to flourish. The halls of the Shen'dralar in Dire Maul may hold more information of this.
* Stonetalon Mountains - The barrow dens of Stonetalon Peak have suffered from seismic activity lately and the druids need help learning what the source of this unbalance is.

Eastern Kingdoms
* Wetlands - Lately, the teeming wildlife of the Wetlands have started to diminish with frogs, spiders and other wildlife spreading north to the Arathi Highlands and south to the Stonewrought Dam. What causes this disturbance?
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Receiving the Cataclysm
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