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 Kalandu Thornroot

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Kalandu Thornroot

Kalandu Thornroot

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PostSubject: Kalandu Thornroot   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:17 am

Concept: Kaldorei Spirit Warrior

Full Name: Kalandu Thornroot
In-Game: Kalandu

Guild: <Wardens of Malorne>
Affiliation: Nature, my people, my guild
Title: Cenarion Dreamwarden and Student of Malorne

Race: Kaldorei
Class: Warrior
Professions: Herbalism and Mining

Age: Eight centuries
Sex: Male
Hair: Vibrant green, usually kept in a single, braided tail
Eyes: Amber
Weight: Broad-shouldered and muscular.
Height: Somewhat taller than average
Garments/Armour: Plate

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Determined, Insightful, Assertive, Compassionate

Brief History: Kalandu is a Cenarion Dreamwarden who is trying to fight the Emerald Nightmare that threatens the balance and keeps his druid brother from rousing. He has recently dreamed of the White Stag and joined the Wardens of Malorne to understand its meaning.

Family: Father Menothar, mother Naila and brother Ineiron Thornroot are all druids of the Cenarion Circle. Two children together with Huntress Iuanaa Leafshade. Their daughter Eithillia Leafshade is of adult age and rides with her mother in the Sentinel Army. Their young son is still growing up in the community of Nighthaven and has yet to be given a name.

Hometown: Nighthaven, Moonglade

Backstory: Menothar and Naila Thornroot are both druids of the Cenarion Circle who raised their sons Kalandu and Ineiron in a traditional night elven way, learning them respect of nature and watchfulness for the unbalance that threatens it.

Born just within a few years of each-other, Kalandu and his brother were always closely tied together. They grew up experiencing the vastness of Ashenvale forest of old, following the same trails and learning the ways of the hunt and to care for the wild. Blessed with the gift of Cenarius, they were both destined to tread the Emerald Dream and fulfill the druidic pact made with Ysera the Dreamer in ancient times.

Kalandu's fate was however another as he met his love Iuanaa Leafshade in their youth. Together they bonded over their first century together while still learning the ways of their people. Ignoring the advice of some elders, they brought new blood to the Kaldorei at young age with the coming of their daughter, Eithillia.

In time, Kalandu and his brother Ineiron were ready to make their first journey into the Green Dream. However, Kalandu could not will himself to leave his family behind. Instead he urged his mother and father to accept his desire to remain in Moonglade. Wise as they were, his parents accepted that if he could not walk by his brother's side, he would instead watch over him. So it was that Kalandu joined the Cenarion Dreamwardens in protecting the druids as they slumbered through the centuries.

Peace reigned in the lands of Kalimdor until the Third War came, bringing sorrow and loss to the Kaldorei as Cenarius fell and war swept the continent. At this time, Eithillia had come of age and rode together with her mother as Huntresses of the sentinels. It is still recently the Battle for Mount Hyjal took place and though he has yet to know of their fate, he clings to the hope that their skills and blessings of Elune have protected them through the perils of war.

When the first signs of corruption seeped out from the Emerald Nightmare his brother failed to rouse from his slumber, being held captive by whatever untold horrors that existed within the Dream. Since noone have been able to answer to what the Nightmare is and how to battle it, Kalandu has travelled far and wide to fight this lurking offense of nature wherever it appeared.

Far from home and almost ready to concede his hunt for a cure of his brother's condition, Kalandu rested his head against an old willow tree. He dreamed:

"The White Stag stood beyond the clearing, just on the border between deep forest and open glade. His shimmering hide cast an eldritch light on the ancient wood around him. Grazefully He lifted his head, stretching the powerful neck and turned to look at Kalandu in his dream. There was an endless pause as the Stag gazed into his eyes to judge whether to fight or flee. He finally strode towards Kalandu and all the forest held its breath."

Ever since that day, Kalandu has turned to Malorne in prayer whenever his spirit falters.
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Kalandu Thornroot
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