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 [Recycled Event] Aldor's Expedition to Outland

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PostSubject: [Recycled Event] Aldor's Expedition to Outland   Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:17 pm

This is recycled event from the guild-transfer mega project onto Moonglade in order to expand to Multi-server, Multi-gaming International Guild/clan.

I have worked on several of projects in order to push Velut a Venatus to life.
So to say, this project is at the moment put to ice, until more enthusiast spring up from the mother-guild to re-spark it.

Few pics to show the art work I have done in meantime.

My Shammy:


The aldor expedition was ment to be chain-RP event.

1st part - Forum announcement via IC Flyers
2nd part - Gathering of mercenaries at the Stormwinds - Dwarven square - abandoned bank. There would the commission stand to review each applicant mercenary/group which will server as protective escort through the harsh Outland.

Expedition was ment to be composed of: 3 Draenais with measurement instruments, no weapons + 4-5 hired swords/etc.

3rd part - Expedition - Gathering at the Blasted lands portal's camp and from there move onwards, according to map. Stop occasionally for rest, samples of fauna+flora. When the destination is reached, 10 min of measurements is done. In this time the escort has to ensure maximum safety of the crew. Crew should be level 58-61 in order to keep aggroing things to make it more action-based.

In case of casualty in lines of the Crew, the retreat would be advised.
In case of casualty in lines of the mercenaries, they would continue but more aware of the place.

Expedition ends when either All points are succesfully meassured, or 2-3 crew members die or 3-5 hired mercenaries fall in battle.

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[Recycled Event] Aldor's Expedition to Outland
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