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 [Easter Eggs] April's fools 2010 Top Selection

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PostSubject: [Easter Eggs] April's fools 2010 Top Selection   Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:01 pm

Quick repost of very funny aprils fools from Blizzard!


Armory Profiles!



Deckard Cain Blanket!

Is the Icecrown chilling you down?
Iceblocked and now cant get out?
Lich King's first date didnt turn up quite hot but frankly, rather a cold reception?
Deckard Cain is here to help!


Deckard Cain GPS Voice pack!

Bored of the "At the roundabout, take 2nd turn left" default voice?
Want some Diablo-blissful excitement?
Deckard Cain is here to save the day!


EGO Gear!

Always wanted to show others how.. potent your gear is?
Wasting days n weeks standing about just so others can inspect you and bask in your glory?
No worry!
Potency meter is here to save the day! :p


Dating Site!

Lonely gamer?
Need to pwn some noob but a trusty backup is not there?
Well.. why not a find yourself a matching heart n soul?
There are many out there..

Sweet sweet luuvin!

Mobile Games!

2 brand new games are coming on onto mobile devices in 2010..
An hardcore action game, Blackthorne 2, will give you a brainmelting action twirl of all angles, including up, down, left and RIGHT!!!
Another game, in PURE SHARP BREATHTAKING 16!! Colours, the Queen's Quest!
Lead the queen of blades to her destiny.. where she truly belongs.. comes on 16 Floppy discs.


Happy April Fools Day!

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[Easter Eggs] April's fools 2010 Top Selection
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