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 The Wardens of Malorne - An Introduction

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Drázill Silverleaf
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PostSubject: The Wardens of Malorne - An Introduction   Mon May 24, 2010 3:19 am

"Malorne, The Waywatcher, Consort of Elune, Guardian of the Paths. These my fellow Kaldorei and friends are but a few names by which he is known. It was he who time after time prevented numerous foolish outbreaks of civil unrest among my people. Unrest in times before that had gone so far as to result in all out war, his very presence alone quelling the conflict before it had even begun. He stands as a beacon of light and purity among the Ancients, representing all that it means to count ourselves among the Kaldorei people. To be named as one of the oldest races upon the world of Azeroth.
It was his actions upon the ancient Mountain of Hyjal that led to victory against the fel hordes that beset all of the peoples of this world. His sacrifice. His death. Or I should say, his apparent death. For myself and my circle believe that he does not lie in eternal rest never to return to us. We, as Wardens of Malorne believe that his divine light will return to us. In preparation for this day, we uphold his faith, remaining ever watchful for his inevitable return to us in our greatest hour of need and in reverence and eternal trust we wait. We bide our time, following his example to the letter.
In the past we have gathered our ranks from all walks of Kaldorei life, the hermit, the exiled and the politician. Our ranks have ebbed and flowed like the waters of the Moonwell but we have endured. We now find ourselves tested beyond that which we control, for we have each been gifted. We have been given a taste of things to come. Blessed by Malorne himself we have been given the chance to change our future and quite possibly the futures of every being on Azeroth. It is our duty to unite all upon this world against the encrouching darkness. To unravel this mystery that visits us during our slumbers. To piece together the puzzle of these visions. Sounds of destruction and screaming, fire and water, flashes of a white object be it man or beast, these are but a few of the visions we have come across. But we will remain strong, as we have always done. We will wait and we will prepare. We will triumph. For we are one, we are the Wardens of Malorne."

- Shan'do Drazill Silverleaf

Who are we?
Well, if you havent guessed already, we are The Wardens of Malorne. We are an RP Guild exclusive to Kaldorei(Night Elves)upon the Moonglade server. We are a traditional Kaldorei guild in a sense, with Kaldorei from all walks of life be they a Rogue or Death Knight (restricted entry) welcome among our ranks. We are dedicated to Malorne the Waywatcher and one of the Ancients of the Kaldorei. Basically this guild was formed to draw attention to a Deity that I believed wasnt given our attention as much as he should be. Malorne for me represents unity among not only the Night Elves but all races. In retrospect we believe in unity among all RPers regardless of the race they play, the opinions they have or the style in which they RP. Loyal to this we have always encouraged RP with other races, forming friendships and alliances whenever we can.

How do I join?
Hmmm?...Interested?...Its simple. Simply whisper any of our members IG (In Game) and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. We are always looking for enthusiastic RPers, be they new to the concept of roleplay and WoW in general or hardened veterans with developed dramatis personae. Ideally send an IC (In Character) letter to myself or one of our officers detailing:

1. Your characters full name, ex. Drazill Silverleaf.
2. A snippet of your characters back story. The more inventive the better.
3. Why you wish to join our cause.

Its as easy as that. It wouldn't hurt to have an understanding of the Lore behind the Kaldorei people, their deities and their homeland to aid you, because in the circumstances that you are called for an interview, expect no quarter to be given...Twisted Evil

How do I progress through the Wardens?
Progression through the Wardens of Malorne is desided upon your attendance of events and your Enthusiasm for RP within our circle(guild). This will be monitored via myself and the Wardens officers.

The rank system is as follows.

Shan'do (Honoured Teacher): The Guild Master.
Shan'Watcher (Honoured Watcher): The Second in Command.
Shan'Warden (Honoured Warden): Officer.
Warden: Title given to those who show their unbridled faith to Malorne and the circle.
Thero'Shan (Honoured Student): A step further in the circle, those students who have learned from the Shan'do but who
have yet to prove themselves fit for the title Warden.
Thero(student): Initiates into the circle. Those who have yet to prove themselves i.e. gone to events, actively RP etc.

Who's the boss?
Shan'do: Drazill Silverleaf
Shan'Watcher: Lysistratae
Shan'Warden(s): Meraniq, Kallar Moonbreeze

Any of us will be happy to speak to you IG of course, should you wish to contact us. Just giz a poke!. Wink

I'm a Night Elf player, but I find it hard to find contact with fellow RPers. Can you help me?
Of course! Moonglade is currently booming with RP plans among guilds and individual characters. To hear about these and to get in contact with fellow RPers I would suggest joining one of the many channels provided upon the server by dedicated RPers.

/kaldorei: A Channel dedicated to Kaldorei RP discussion, general banter, those who enjoy playing Kaldorei characters be they Alts or Mains...not to mention Ice-cream and Cookies!

I hope you have enjoyed your little visit to the Wardens Den, please make sure to have a look around at our many other treats and should that not entice you....We have cookies! Wink
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The Wardens of Malorne - An Introduction
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