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 From Cork!...

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Drázill Silverleaf

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PostSubject: From Cork!...   Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:00 pm

Howdy Wardens. Jst logging in to let you know that I have not abandoned you, for those who were worrying. I have moved house to Cork and I am in the middle of sorting out my internet. It should take up to two weeks to fully get myself sorted here as I am quite busy settling in to city life and a new job! Having just resently been promoted I have not found the energy of late to fully commit to a good case of unpacking! :S But fear not because over those two weeks I shall be keeping tabs through the forum, having discovered an internet cafe just down the road!...(YEAY!)...

ICly Draz is currently on the search for fellow "gifted" Kaldorei across Azeroth, Outland and Northrend, so this will explain his long absence...

Through the forum I shall be updating our lore and rooting a stable backstory for our circle. I shall also be detailing the specifics on our current plotline and hope that you all are upholding your "gifted" ways!...Smile...

I hope to hear from you all over the next few days with what is going on within MG, having not long ago resorted to taking a four month break I do not wish to fall "out of the loop" on news and events taking place. Also would like to hear how ya'll are doing and how the lvling is going in general, miss you guys so I do...;(

Also on a final note, CORK IS AWESOME!!!....

Malorne watch over you all
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PostSubject: Re: From Cork!...   Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:18 pm

Happy to hear that everything is going well with your move and all that :-)

The important bit about Moonglade that I know of, and that I think you're already aware of, is that Niámh of the Handmaidens of Elune is lobbying for some sort of coalition between Kaldorei guilds. So far nothing beyond talk, but I personally think it is a great idea.

As for levelling, well... I level mostly through questing, as I really dislike PUGs for a number of reasons, so it's a bit slow for me as usual. Eventually I hope to be able to join with some guildies or other nelves, but we'll see...

Was able to visit Lysistratae's tea house the other day, and play nice with a few of the Handmaidens :-)

I've been telling other nelves I've met about the /Kaldorei chat, some have joined. That's a good place to start, I think.

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From Cork!...
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