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 Using this board - please read before posting

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PostSubject: Using this board - please read before posting   Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:38 pm

Everyone is welcome to post on this board, but before you do, please make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • This board is only for official lore from a Blizzard source. Your own stories should be posted in the Our Legends board.
  • We will be having some storytelling events as guild activities. If you plan on telling an official story at the event, or you have told a story, please post it up here if it isn't already, and post up when it's been told so that anyone looking to read it again will be able to find it, and so we don't get stories repeated too often.
  • Please put the source to the story on the bottom of your posts, and if it's the website please put a link (click on the chain button at the top of the post window).
  • If you're looking for a story and you can't find it up here already, post up a request in the Questions board.
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Using this board - please read before posting
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