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 Another Malorne-related guild

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PostSubject: Another Malorne-related guild   Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:32 pm

...on another realm, Steamwheedle:

The Way of Malorne

The page has some interesting thoughts on traditions and views of the guild and their devotion to Malorne and Nature itself. Perhaps something to look at? I don't mean, obviously, that we should copy them, that would be silly, and also there are certain elements that I don't think would work for us (such as their clearly expressed xenophobia), but inspiration, perhaps?

It would be helpful to us newer members to have some idea about the guild's general view on things like other races, arcane magic, death knights... things like that.

Personally I don't like very strict rules, for various reasons, but putting together some sort of core belief and general code of conduct, and perhaps even some (simle) rituals, would be helpful not only for character development but to help come up with ideas for events and just to get thet feel of being in the organization. We don't have to build it exactly like the example in the link, even though tey make some nice points, but it is an inspiration.


*Edit: When I, just an hour or so after posting this, went into the wow-europe forums I noticed that somebody from that very guild had posted in our recruitment thread :-O (with some quite interesting linkage, even)
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PostSubject: General Agreement   Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:38 pm

I love the links the fellow Malorne follower left us.

In fact, I'm posting them here so we don't have to trek around for them Razz


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Another Malorne-related guild
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