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 The other Eternals

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PostSubject: The other Eternals   Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:05 pm

I was thinking about the Kaldorei belief system and the Wardens' place within it, and wanted to know about our relation to the other Eternals, demigods and other deities.

We are of course dedicated to Malorne. But does that mean that we ignore the others, like Aviana or the Twin Bears? Or, indeed, Cenarius himself? Or do we give them attention, just less than we give to Malorne?

I'm thinking along the lines of monastic orders om the real world. For instance, a buddhist order will often center around the Buddha himself, but in many cases they also, or instead, focus on one or a small number of boddhisattvas, or saints, whom they use as rolemodels and see as their spiritual guides, and even objects of worship. They will on occasion refer to or call upon the other saints, when it is appropriate to do so, but will mainly adress the one they have formed around.

Those familiar with catholic monastic orders will know that the situation is similar with them.

So, how does it work with the Wardens? Do we focus completely on Malorne, or do we send a prayer to one of the other spirits of the Eternals if need be?

On a slightly related note: Suggestions for exclamations or curses? Please discuss.

"Great Malorne, that thing is huge!"

"By Malone, I will not stand for this!"

"In the Waywarder's name!"

Also, for the other Eternals:

"In the Ravens name!" (yes, directly from WarCraft 3)

"Mighty Ursoc, where is that rogue?"

"By Cenarius' antlers!"

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PostSubject: Hmmm   Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:51 pm

I personally use "Sweet Elune" as a little exclamation or whatever. And yes I did borrow it from Chronicle of the Annoying Quest. Great little series it is.

We're not limited to who we follow. Quite the opposite actually. As a druid, my character follows Cernarius most of the time. Malorne being his father she also follows him. I wish there was a Stag form.

Elune is the female deity and Great Mother of all Night Elves. She plays a central role in daily life. You usually have a bloody good reason not to be worshiping her... like chronic death or something.

The minor Eternals are more specific and are sorta patron deities. They are there for the more specialised Druid roles like Druids of the Claw or Talon. Not to say you can't follow them, but the are less common.

It usually depends on personal differences. Just go with what's practical.
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The other Eternals
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