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 The Celebration of Fruits of the Azure Land.

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PostSubject: The Celebration of Fruits of the Azure Land.   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:36 pm

Scrap Concept in Progress:

Starts as gathering in Darnassus, possibly the main Highway between Trade and Merchant terrace.

Gathering walks slowly towards the portal around the bank, proceeds to get a boat, from boat proceeds to Darkshore and to the coast side there.

Set up camp site
Walk into water half-height and say blessing with Effects (tm).

People are welcome to share stories and sing/poetry at the heat of campfire.

Secret Competition - Fishing.
This would not be mentioned as to prevent cheating.

"The Competition Of Willing Heart" - fishing competition for 20 minutes who catches the highest prey (eg. 9 pound catfish, 15 pound catfish etc..)

This is Draft in progress, please help refine and update on idea.

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PostSubject: Re: The Celebration of Fruits of the Azure Land.   Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:40 pm

Looks like a good idea. Will there be any ceremony part in Darnassus before we go to the boat?

What will the prize for the fishing competition be?

I'm happy to do some storytelling if you like - I could tell a tale of a giant sea monster Wink
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The Celebration of Fruits of the Azure Land.
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