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 The Tale of Spring and Winter.

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Sharitha Ravenwing

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PostSubject: The Tale of Spring and Winter.   Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:48 am

Right, a quick roundup of the tale we'll be playing at the next Event...

It's the story of Spring, beautiful princess of the Flowerlands, who's secretely loved by Winter, Duke of the Frozen Lands.

The michievous Baroness Autumn of the Red Hills suggestes Winter, who's kind of angry after being rejected, to kidnap Spring and cover her lands in snow to show her his power.

He then proceeds to try and "force" the princess to love him, by flaunting his power. Sadly, as he does so, she loses her will to live, and her lifeforce starts fading each passing moment, until she faints.

He realizes what has he done, and asks her Handmaiden how to bring her back to life. the handmaidens explains him i's his own power that is killing the princess, so he decides to leave her be, turning her clothes icy white in a last proof of love, and leaving, with Autumn following him and trying to confort him.

Summer breaks as the princess awakens again, and swears he'll kill Winter, but spring stops him, explaining that winter isn't evil, he's just harsh and lonely.

Happy ending and so on.

Cheesy, but works.

Let me know if something isn't clear or if you need something else.

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The Tale of Spring and Winter.
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