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 17-12-2011 : The coronation of a new Thane

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PostSubject: 17-12-2011 : The coronation of a new Thane   Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:54 am

Hello everyone!

17 December 2011 the Mithril Guard will officially get a new Thane.
As you might know Grov has moved to Japan and intends to stay there for at least two years and the timezone in Japan isn't the best to play with us...
So Finna was chosen as the new Thane. Although I already have the ingame title we still need to do the coronation. Which is planned for 17 december 2011.
I already sent out calendar invites but here's the forum posting as well. Sorry it's a bit late, I usually remember I have to do it when I'm at work... and most forums are blocked by a cute program named Websense there.

BUT! So you know:

Time: 17 December 2011
Place: See your calendar of ask Lys. Or me or Bordin. But since this is a forum I could look at while not being logged in, I don't want to risk lollers coming there too.

I hope your guild joins us in the celebration!

Kind regards,

Finna Stonecleaver
(Almost official) Thane of the Mithril Guard

(And Rainsing and a LOT of alts Wink)
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17-12-2011 : The coronation of a new Thane
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