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 Archiron Owlcaller

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Archiron Owlcaller

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PostSubject: Archiron Owlcaller   Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:04 pm

Archiron Owlcaller (Pronounced Ar-kiron)

Age: 397

Class: Hunter

Appearance: Tall and slender with azure blue hair that he likes to keep short and unruly. Eyes are a glowing pale gold, not a particularly powerful night elf but resilient. His skin is a deep purple.

Born in the wilds of Ashenvale close to Astranaar, where he lived peacefully in tune with nature. Parents were both skilled archers and took part in the battle at Mount Hyjal but the mother, Seraniel, lost her life to demons. The father, Magitheron, still grieves somewhere in the forests of Moonglade. To honour his parents, Archiron took up the bow and became a skilled archer.

He has a deep respect for nature and all it encompasses. He loves to explore all terrains and will always pay his respects to any sacred sites he comes across. Most often, he prefers the wide open spaces of nature to the teeming cities. Crowds and long queues make him impatient. He loves the sound of falling rain.

Archiron has recently met Gnomes and was entranced by their mastery of technology. His inquisitive nature pushed him to learning about Gnomish engineering. This in turn directed him to mining. Archiron doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, especially when the rewards of precious metals and gems are abundant. The goggles he occasionally wears serve to keep the dust of mining out of his eyes, keep the glare of the sun down, and (in his own opinion) make him look interesting.

He has a fondness for cake and his pet spider Merath, who is believed to be a descendant of the late Lady Sathrah. While her silvery webbing has no apparent powers, Archiron loves the patterns she creates with it. He caught her a short distance from Sathrah’s old lair and adores the spider but hopes to one day tame many more great beasts.

When out hunting he wears hardy tough leather, and carries a bow and a dagger. While relaxing in towns or the abandoned home in north Ashenvale he’s adopted, he wears more comfortable softer leathers and varying natural shades. His adopted home was seemingly overrun by the neighbouring Furbolgs but they have caused him no trouble yet. Archiron has spent a lot of time making repairs to the house and has made it more welcoming. He has found all the shelves to be crammed with books but has not had time to read much. Any who pass by seeking shelter, Archiron heartily welcomes.
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Archiron Owlcaller
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